The Mission

The mission of the Atlantic Memorial Park project is to create a seaside journey of remembrance that brings Canada’s military history home.

The location of this purposed park is at the entrance to Sydney Harbour (Sydney Mines), an area which is steeped in military history dating back to the late 1800’s. The project area is intended to span over a 120 acre area, and see multiple projects constructed in phases over a 5-year time period.

Park components will include a restored Chapel Point Battery, a family park, a First Nations encampment, walking trails in a large woodland area, a beautiful ocean beach, and a feature monument on a spectacular cliff side setting overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Funding will be handled through a combination of government funding, private donations, community contributions, crowd funding, and other special events. The estimated cost is in the range of $15-$25 million. The Park will be completed in phases, over a 5 year period beginning with the restoration of the Chapel Point Battery.

Donor Recognition Program

The AMP Society has created a Donors Recognition Program. Please refer to the Donations Section of the Website where the program is described and a list of current donors is provided.



Updated Funding Information (March 2018):

  • A plan for the restoration of the historic Chapel Point Battery has been completed and fund raising is underway.
  • Donations would be appreciated to help with the funding. Cheques can be made out to the AMP society. Or,if desired,receipts for tax purposes can be obtained by making the cheque payable to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality in trust. Please mail cheques to Robert Blinkhorn, Treasurer, 60 Mae ave. Sydney Mines N.S B1V1A8. Payment by credit card is also available in the Donations section of this website.
  • The restoration plan was presented to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Executive Council and was very positively received.
  • The Dominion Command of the Royal Canadian legion has communicated its endorsement of the Atlantic Memorial Park project to its 1430 branches across Canada. This is an important indication of the wide spread support for this initiatve.
  • Presentations have been made over the past several months, including to the following organizations, and individuals:

  • The Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
  • Staff of the former Minister of Veterans.
  • Several Legion branches in the Cape Breton Region.
  • The Provincial Convention of the Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • Several community, and volunteer groups.
  • Federal Member of Parliament, Mark Eyking.
  • Provincial MLA Geoff Maclellan.
  • Federal Member of Parliament, Rodger Cuzner.
  • Former Provincial MLA Dave Wilton.
  • Representatives of the Cruise Ship Industry.
  • Letters of support/endorsements have been received from:

  • Destination Cape Breton.
  • Business Cape Breton.
  • The Port of Sydney Development Corporation.
  • CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke, and Councillor Clarence Prince.
  • Branch 008 of the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • MLA Eddie Orell.
  • Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command Executive.
  • Dominion Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • Hundreds of supporting signatures from local community members.
  • Other Project related news:

  • The Web Development class of Nova Scotia Community College Marconi Campus have designed the AMP Society website as a special class project.
  • Business students from the Cape Breton University MBA class are working with the AMP Society on a business case analysis of the Atlantic Memorial Park project.
  • Several articles, and letters to the Editor have appeared in the Cape Breton Post.
  • A senior staff officer from Veterans Affairs Canada has provided advice, and assistance in linking the key partners for the initiative.
  • The Dillon Consulting Group. will complete the plan for the restoration of the Chapel Point Battery by Nov 30, 2017, and a subsequent presentation will be made to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Council.
  • Applications to government agencies to assist in funding the restoration of the Chapel Point Battery are underway. A funding strategy to reach corporate, and private donors is being developed. It will be initiated by the beginning of 2018
  • Active Consultations are continuing with key partners, and supporters mentioned Also various foundations including the Vimy Foundation.
  • Statement by Jane Cordy

    Nova Scotia Senator Jane Cordy has issued a statement regarding the Sydney area, and the proposed Atlantic Memorial Park. Click here to read the statement.