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    All donations received will go toward phase one of the project:
    The restoration of the Chapel Point Battery Historical site.


    • Mail In Donations:

      Donations can also be mailed into our office at:
      Care of: Robert Blinkhorn (Treasurer) – 60 Mae Ave, Sydney Mines, NS. B1V3J1.
      Cheques Payable to: The AMP Society
      For tax receipts make cheques payable to the Cape Breton Municipality In Trust


    • Credit Card:

      Contact us directly via telephone if you would like to make a donation by credit card

Atlantic Memorial Park Donor Recognition

  • All donors will be recognized in a donors section on the AMPHeroes.ca website.
  • A donors pathway will be created leading to the feature monument. The pathway bricks will be inscribed with the names of all donors making a donation of $1000 or more.
  • Donor walls will be created at the site of the Chapel Point Battery Command Post (Phase 1) and the feature monument (Phase 4).
  • The donor walls will have 3 levels of recognition:
  • – Silver: For donations between $1000-5000

    – Gold: For donations between $5000-10,000

    – Platinum: For donations above $10,000

  • Special recognition arrangements on request.


The AMP Society Board of Directors would like to thank the following individuals, and organizations for their contributions.

Don and Trish Aker
Glen Aker
Ian and Kathy Aker
Patricia Aker
Claire Andrea
Buffets Office Supplies
Cape Breton Highlanders Association
Clarence Dawe
Bonnie Devoe
Jackie and Sherrie Day
Liam Devoe
Judy Dipersio
Ann and Brian Ferguson
Derek Ferguson
Pencie Granchelli
Mary Hall
Lorna Holmes
Olive Humphries and Sister
Jobes Funeral Home
Patricia Johnston
Laytons Lumber
Legions: Ashby Legion Sydney, BR. 138
Legions: Cobequid Legion
Legions: Florence Legion, BR. 83
Legions: Halifax, BR. 166
Legions: Kennetcook Legion
Legions: Kingston Legion, BR. 98
Legions: Pembroke, BR. 72
Legions: River Herbert, BR. 24
Legion: Stellarton Legion, BR. 28
Legions: Sydney, BR. 128
Legions: Sydney Mines, BR 008
William Maxwell
MacCormick Tire Craft Seaview Motors Ltd.
Terri and Alton MacKinnon
Ian MacDonald
Fr. Angus MacDougall
Ron MacDougall
MacDougall’s Insurance
MacIntyre Ace Hardware
Dave and Bev MacKenna
Leo and Rosemary MacMullin
Charlie Mouland
Northern Construction Ltd.
North Metals
Northside Sports Hall of Fame
Pharmasave North Sydney
Pharmasave Sydney Mines
Joyce Picture
Profed Ltd.
J.R. Raheys
Yvonne Robertson
Seton Foundation
Walter Scott
Shawn Cox Auto
John D. Steele and Sons Ltd.
Joe and Isobel Tobin
Valmac Realty
Joan Vickers