Sydney Harbour Fortifications

Stubbert’s Point / South Bar Battery

Located just east of the now North Sydney ferry terminal, Stubbert’s Point/South Bar hosted a coastal gun battery that was overlooking the entrance to Sydney Harbour, with the 2 facilities were positioned opposite of each other.

The batteries were both responsible for protecting an anti-submarine net that was placed in the middle of the harbour to stop enemy forces from entering Sydney unnoticed during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Defenses at this particular battery included two 6-pounder Hotchkiss guns, later replaced with one 6-pounder duplex quick-firing gun, and three search light positions.

Stubbert’s Point had seen two points of activity during both World Wars, and was responsible with protecting anti-submarine defenses both instances.

The Stubbert’s Point site was dismantled during 1949 several years after the war had ended. While Fort Lingan, and South Bar sites where shut down in early February 1945.

Fort Petrie

Fort Petrie is a coastal fort that was established in 1914 during World War 1, and it is the first line of defense being positioned at the beginning of the Sydney Harbour.

Any enemy activity spotted from the Fort would be quickly relayed to defenses stationed around the Sydney area.

Fortifications were added to the site at the beginning of the second World War in 1940 to prepare for any German U-Boats approaching the harbour.

These newly constructed defenses included temporary artillery with reinforced concrete emplacements, a four-storey control station, a radar, communications tower, a powerhouse, and two Coastal Artillery Search Lights.