Sydney Harbour Fortifications (Continued)

Stubberts Point/South Bar

Fort Lingan Battery

Fort Lingan was a long-range bombardment coastal gun battery that was located 6.5 kilometers east of Sydney Harbour, and was the first of two long range batteries built in the area during WW2.

Defenses included in the area were three MK7 quick-firing guns with a 23km range, a Hispano anti-aircraft gun, and two separate observation posts.

The Fort was also home to over 210 servicemen who made up the fort’s artillery garrison, and infantry.

Fort Lingan, together with Fort Oxford patrolled up to 50 miles of coast line.


Point Edward Battery

The Point Edward battery was a temporary site that had operated only during the summer months of World War 2. The battery would overlook most of Sydney Harbour, and was the last line of defense within the harbour itself. The site was home to two MK4 rapid-fire guns, as well as two searchlights.

Convoy in Sydney harbour during World War 1.
First ever convoy to leave Canada for England during World War 1. Left from Sydney Harbour.
Ships stationed in the north arm of the harbour.